Rockaway Youth Task Force

23-year-old Milan Taylor has no idea where all the donations are coming from as they arrive at The Rockaway Youth Taskforce’s headquarters on B57th Street and Averne Blvd. Their only communication to people outside Rockaway is via Facebook. He is extremely thankful.

The Rockaway Youth Taskforce are the ONLY organization servicing 20 highrise buildings in their area, ranging from 6-19 stories high. They deliver food and supplies to the elderly and disabled who cannot find aid on their own.

There is only one FEMA outpost for aid on Rockaway (that I’ve seen) which is located 30 blocks away on this 11-mile ribbon of peninsula. If it wasn’t for grassroots organizations such as RYTF, these people would not be receiving help.

Kisha Bari is an Australian photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her ongoing work in the Rockaways post Sandy can be seen on her blog You can see her commercial work at