What People Are Saying

“Sandy Storyline is beautiful, powerful, democratic and visionary … We have studied social movements that arise in the wake of disaster — from Argentina to Sri Lanka to New Orleans, and one of the key lessons we’ve learned is that a vital part of the healing process is to be part of a community that has some agency — some say — in the process of rebuilding. Sandy Storyline recognizes and develops this critical community power to shape the narrative. That may be the most revolutionary project of all.”

Avi Lewis, documentary film director of The Take and Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine


“I was surprised that the material damage to this city didn’t seem to bother Mr. Ruggia as much as the concept behind it; something is demolishing his home slowly, and there is nothing he can do about it. How do you fight nature? How do you fight something that we, as part of the human race, caused?”

Emily Parker, age 15, citizen journalist, The Hudson School in Hoboken,  NJ


“This is the truth. . . The best people to tell the story is us and they were the first ones to document what we’re doing in a way that we can express ourselves and what we’re going through.”

Marissa Bernowitz, whose Rockaway home was condemned following Sandy, said the Sandy Storyline has given her and her neighbors a voice in an interview by the NY Daily News.


[Sandy Storyline] will be of use not only to people today but also to future generations seeking to understand a signal moment in our stewardship of the planet. Moreover . . . this project serves as a model for narratives surrounding future moments of crisis.

— Comments from Tribeca Film Festival’s 2013 Award for Transmedia jury. Jurors were Thomas Allen Harris, Jeff Gomez, and Frank Rose.


“visceral and deeply moving”

— The Wall Street Journal


“a “participatory documentary” project that is as compelling as it is admirable.”

— Columbia Journalism Review



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Sandy Storyline is the winner of the  The Tribeca Film Festival’s 2013 BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Award for Transmedia. This is the first award for Tribeca Film Festival’s inaugural Storyscapes, a new category recognizing innovative storytelling. See all of the 2013 Festival winners here.