Mr. Ruggia

As Hoboken is changing, much like most of the world, its long term inhabitants are disturbed and unsettled by the thought of having to leave home. The possibilities of losing lives, belongings and cherished memories due to the increasing floods and storms is a new concept to Hoboken, and the adaption can’t be easy.

I thought that Mr. Ruggia’s ability to share all that he was feeling and his opinions of how he was affected were intriguing and I never thought that he would be so open to sharing with my group. What most surprised me is when we went down to the basement which was in shambles, there were things that were brand new, like a washer and dryer. But, the rest was completely scrapped.

There is a story behind the picture; the damage went deeper than just breaking doors and walls, it caused Mr. Ruggia to question his own security and will. Mr. Ruggia is now tasked with the heart-wrenching choice of leaving his comfort zone, his city, and his life behind to find safety and reassurance, or risk the wrath of future storms and the rising waters.