Mr. Future Storm

Mr. Future Storm,

I know you also will be relentless, destructive, and strong.

Probably stronger than the last storm, Sandy. I’m sure you’re related.

I know you will also take away homes, trees, cars, and anything in your path. You will leave destruction.

Because that’s what you do. You have no empathy, no remorse, no soul. You are a reminder of what real hatred is.

The only good thing about you, Mr. Future storm, is that you too, will pass. We will see the sun shine again and life will go on!

I am happy to say, I am an ex-hurricane sandy victim. I came back stronger and wiser to all the people who still took everything else I had left, when I already lost so much. (including thousands of dollars that was needed to repair our home). I know Karma is real! I also know that God doesn't like Ugly!