What is a Participatory Documentary?

A participatory documentary is an inclusive and collaborative process that engages communities in designing and carrying out the collection and dissemination of their own story.

It is not simply about producing stories. It is about designing a storytelling process that honors and reflects the voices and leadership of people impacted by an event or ongoing situation. We understand that affected communities are uniquely positioned to offer expert documentation, research, and analysis to help understand and shape how we respond.

Due to the complexity of events like Hurricane Sandy, millions of people are affected in different ways that ripple throughout our communities along a web of interconnected and divergent story lines. In an increasingly connected world our communities our mutually dependent on each other. Whether the impact on any one particular individual seemed small or devastatingly large, all have consequence on our collective future.

Building the road to a more just and sustainable future depends on the equal participation of anyone who chooses to participate. The increasing availability of technology allows us the opportunity for more and more people to become active participants in civic dialogue and the decisions that affect our lives.

Sandy Storyline is an open and interactive project. The result will be shaped by our participants. If you are interested in working with us email info (@) sandystoryline.com or leave a message at our toll-free number (888) 803 9856.

Sandy Storyline includes four channels of participation to ensure that a multiplicity of voices, perspectives and languages are represented:

Tell Your Own Story

Anyone can record their own story by calling our toll-free StoryLine at (888) 803 9856 or sending a SMS or MMS to storyline@vojo.co We encourage you to contribute cell phone pictures or other documentation you have on your mobile device of Hurricane Sandy. We also invite submissions in the form of video, audio, photos, or writing on our website here.

Schedule an Interview with a Journalist or Multimedia Producer

We are have a growing network of professional and citizen journalists, multimedia producers, writers, photographers and other media makers that are offering people the opportunity to sit down to share first person stories. And we are actively seeking more. If you would like to be interviewed by a mediamaker or contribute as a mediamaker, please contact us at share (@) sandystoryline.com

Education Programs

We partner with schools, colleges, adult and youth groups to organize media workshops. We are also develop curriculum for teachers to use in their classrooms. Find out more about our educational programs here.

Live Events and Exhibitions

Sandy Storyline hosts accessible exhibitions and live events designed to share and collect stories. We invite all participants, partners, and friends to self-organize live events. For more information contact us at info (@) sandystoryline.com