Hoboken Ambulance Corps

Tom Molta and Tim Kealy work at the Hoboken Ambulance Corps in Hoboken, NJ. Tom is the president of the group and has worked there for thirty-three years. Tim is head of supplies and has worked there for four years.

The Ambulance Corps was severely affected by hurricane. It lost four vehicles and power, and had to relocate to Steven’s Institute of Technology. During the storm, all of the volunteers had to stay in the small building and didn’t get a hot meal for five consecutive days. Driving through the flooded streets was nearly impossible. Even more difficult was getting people from their high-rise apartments into the vehicles. The Ambulance Corps had to use bulldozers to do it.

While driving through the water, Tom remembers noticing people on homemade rafts, trying to reach dry land. Luckily, there were no fatalities in Hoboken, although there are still residents without power. However, despite all of the damage, Tom and Tim feel that everyone at the Ambulance Corps, as well as in the entire city of Hoboken, achieved a greater sense of community.