Boardwalk Down Beach 91st Street

An entire section of the boardwalk crashed down through Beach 91Street on that fateful Monday night. I spoke with a resident who did not evacuate from his basement apartment and he and his dog were fortunately rescued by fire fighters alerted by his family on the second floor of the house on the opposite side of the street.

"Actually", he said. "I don't know who pulled me out. It could have been an angel for all I know. I was yelling for my dog and a voice said, 'don't worry, we've already got him'. "

The water reached 6 inches from the ceiling. He was a two-war army veteran, but said that THIS was the most petrifying experience of his lifeā€¦.

Kisha Bari is an Australian photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her ongoing work in the Rockaways post Sandy can be seen on her blog You can see her commercial work at