Sandy volunteers remember the storm and explain how they got involved

When I was volunteering in my hometown of Rockaway Beach after the storm I met so many people. During the immediate recovery, I didn't have the time to develop our relationships beyond the pragmatic, and I didn't have time to process all the different volunteer efforts that helped Rockaway recover.

So, more than two years after the storm, we went back to talk to some of those key players to find out more about their work, their experience of the storm and the massive civilian relief effort it inspired.

Here (in order) is Marissa Bernowitz of the Free Flea Market, Nicole Moriarity of Rockaway WISH, Michelle Cortez of Smallwater, Jill Cornell of Rockaway Hurricane Sandy News, Milan Taylor of Rockaway Youth Task Force and me, Jaime Jordan of Rockaway Emergency Plan aka Rockaway Help.

Philippe Theise is a writer based in Brooklyn. He partnered with Jaime Jordan and Katie Honan, the co-founders of Rockaway Emergency Plan, to profile activists who used social media to help provide relief and reconstruct homes after the hurricane.