My Dream Condo Torn to Shreds

I bought my condo at the Beach House in May 2011, taking a financial leap of faith. The building was gorgeous, a beautiful lobby, indoor garage, and wonderful views.

The boardwalk reached the building during the storm. A car came through the lobby door. The cars left in the garage all floated to the back knocking out the storage sheds. All was destroyed. No elevator.

Now, four months later, we are still in shambles. We still have no electricity only a generator. Our lobby has not been restored as the insurance companies are denying things. The garage still has cars in it as we cannot get them out. The residents cleaned out the garage and are taking care of the building.

My apartment now has leaky windows. My homeowners denied the claims for the indoor damage saying it was caused by the outside leaks.

Discouraging to say the least.