Renters have to start from scratch

I'm sure many people are still trying to recover from Sandy. For myself, and many other renters, it has been a battle that seems too hard to win. My landlord did nothing to renovate the home I had lived in for over a year and my children and I were forced to stay with family for months. FEMA only helped so much. The insurance company refused to pay any money for my lost belongings claiming they weren't "necessities." How can my clothing, furniture, memories be considered not necessary? I obtained an attorney who led me to believe they could help me. Two years later I haven't received a dime. I found a new apartment thanks to the help of family and friends but still am struggling financially with no end in sight. As a single mother it kills me to not be able to provide a better life for my girls. We lost so much. Yet our insurance company says what I lost was not important enough to pay to replace. Why did I pay renters insurance if they weren't planning on ever helping me when I needed it most?

We will never get back to "normal." This is just the new normal. My girls and I are healthy and we have a roof over our heads. For that and for the family and friends that helped us, I will be eternally grateful. But sometimes the emotions are overwhelming.