The Frightening Evening With No Power

I had just gotten on to my bunk bed, pulled up my blanket up to my head. Too frightened to sleep, I carefully pulled the covers off me and looked out the window. I saw the floating water, rising. I froze. I was too scared to speak/sleep. I sat down. Shivering, I got down from my bed and checked on my sister. Luckily, she was sound asleep. I got out of my room, went into the living room, and spotted my mother, trying to sleep, and my father, sound asleep. I even checked on my older brothers (they are twins). For the first time ever, I cared for them. I looked out the window one more time. This time, the river water was so huge, I turned around, ran to the hallway, and came to my mom. She looked so exhausted, and I saw her listening to the radio. "Go to sleep!" said my mom. "I can't" I stammered. "Try to then!" said my mom. I looked out the window again. As if out of a dream, the water went back into the river. I checked the time. It was really late. I quickly got into my room, and fast as I could, took a long rest.

Matthew is a 9-year-old resident of Manhattan.