Yellow, Yellow, and Yellow

Mind if I get a photo?", I asked.
"Go right ahead."
"Your name is ... Lauren. Hi Lauren!"
"You are?"
"Asad. Like the President of Syria but just one 's' and no relation."
"That's a good one."
"I've been working on it."
"Do you have the slips?", Marcus asked her.
"The slips ... oh yes!"
"Put that on Twitter and Facebook.", someone said.
"I had no idea we could fill up a van with that much stuff.", a volunteer remarked.
Boxes filled with underwears, scarves, sweaters, cans of soda, tissues and gently used kitchen utensils.
"Would you like a blanket?"
"Oh , you've got blankets? God bless you all."
Then a crowd gathered and I rushed inside to look for more work to do.