Kagen Weeks Weeks

One of five managers of Occupy Sandy's facebook page and frequent poster to the page. I answer questions coming in, e-mailing, messaging and calling by phone whoever need to be found in NY or NJ to answer questions for people who needed help or were trying to offer help. I was and still able to facilitate getting the resources to the needs, and getting needs the resources. I do not live in the affected areas. I started with supporting Occupy Sandy NJ page and questions to the main page about NJ as there was no online FB presence filling that role, and for a couple months posted 99% of NJ posts or questions answered. As people on the ground in NJ took up that responsibility (and seemingly more efficiently) I shifted to actively managing the Occupy Sandy page and working with the other ~20 current content creators to collectively organize. I've spent these hundreds and hundreds of hours simply because I became aware there was a need.