The Kindness of Strangers #2

A caravan of 5 vans, 25 volunteers and donated food and supplies headed out to the Far Rockaway the first Saturday after Hurricane Sandy. None of us knew what to expect for the day. Since we knew we would eventually lose cell service we tried to stay together as we headed east on Flatbush Ave. As we crossed a large intersection a huge Target truck pulled out in front of us and split up the group. Once the truck was able to make the turn we pulled forward and a cop car dashed in front of us nearly hitting us. What the $*#_*!#_%*! we all exclaimed and then watched the officer turn around and look at us and continue chasing a dollar van. We reunited with our caravan only to hear sirens and see lights flashing behind us one block later from the same cop car who had cut us off. A number of us in the car have not had great experiences with police in our years as working press and activists, so we prepare for the worst.

Carolina Kroon is a multi-media shooter, editor, producer and educator based in Brooklyn, NY.