Greetings After the Storm

We lost electricity as of about 8pm last night. We were forewarned, so have flashlights, battery operated candles, and lots of water ready. We also have a tiny battery operated radio that helps keep us in the loop. In addition, Phil got 2 car batteries with a converter to give us a limited amount of back up power for the computer, and sump pump (which fortunately is not needed) This turned out to be mostly a-wind-and-not-so-much-a-rain event in our immediate area.

We lost cell tower/phone use but still have a land line and have DSL from Verizon so can get e-mail for now.

Although not having electric is awful, we are very grateful that we didn't flood. I was mentally trying to prepare for losing the basement. We moved pictures, important files, etc. upstairs just in case. We are about 22-23 feet above sea level and normally don't have to worry about flooding. Areas in Long Branch immediately to our north, south and east had mandatory evacuation but we didn't, even for this storm. We are around the corner from the evacuation center at the Long Branch Middle School. However, this was the "perfect storm", with 20 ft. waves, full moon and tidal surge expected to be unusually high, possibly 6-11 feet.

We were very lucky. The storm sped up and landed, missed high tide by 2 hours. It also landed further south in Cape May and Atlantic City, sparing us the highest waves we would otherwise have suffered.

Now loss of electric is the worst of the ordeal. No other serious damage. Of course, the deck and the back of the house looks like someone threw chopped salad at it, with shredded leaf matter plastered all over. Hope everyone else faired as well.