This experience was the most devastating experience I have every had. I lived in Oceanside in a 144-unit garden apartment complex on the first floor. On the night of October 28, I went to sleep after sitting in my living room in the dark. I am a single mother with two teenagers. My son was home with me and my daughter was sleeping at a friend's house. I was sleeping and heard the water coming up in the bathroom from the toilet, sink and tub. I was afraid to open my eyes. When I finally could I had my flashlight next to me. I was surrounded by water, and then I started to panic thinking that I was going to fall through the floor in my bed. I screamed for my son at least 20 times and did not hear him answer. At one point I thought he died.

Then I heard people from another building scream out my name, and I was screaming for help! Finally I heard my son. I heard him say, "Oh shit!" As he was walking throughout the apartment in the dark, he started saying that the computer, the printer, the shoes, the couch the chairs and my bag were all underwater. I asked him if he was sinking through the floor and he said no. I rolled up my pants, got out of bed and when we opened up the front door, our shoes that were next to the door went flying out. We ran upstairs and banged on a neighbors door. He opened up an apartment next to his that he said he was moving to and let us in.

There in the living room was a couch and he had a blanket with an American flag design on it. I was shivering, but my son laid down on one end, and I laid down on the other, and we kept each other warm. The next morning we went downstairs, and I got a pair of shoes and socks and we walked to my car only to find out it was covered in water up to the dashboard. I then walked with my son to his friend's house who he is still staying at and walked to my job. I worked that day as I had nowhere else to go but my job.

Today I am still displaced and may be displaced until April of 2013. I really do not know how I am going to rebuild. FEMA is only giving me rental assistance. I am so lost. I am also a Real Estate Broker and have not been able to make any living from it. The only income I am making is $224 per week from my morning part-time job. I have been so depressed and worried of how I am going to support my family. I need help!

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