Arriving Home

Looking back at this video is a scary reminder of exactly how I felt the day after the storm hit. We got evacuated the day before and we packed up our bags and our two babies and stayed at my brother-in-laws for the night. We had know about the storm for almost two weeks and we prepared our house but the unknown of what would happen was giving me almost a nervous breakdown.

During the storm, neighbors who had stayed called us to tell us the water was over our windows. Joe kept saying 'We're done; everything is going to be gone.'

When we got down to our house the next day we saw our house from the bridge and saw the docks behind our house twisted sticking up out of the water and two boats anchored to the back of my home. Walking up to our home there was a boat almost placed by God laying directly on our house. Thank God these boats did not go crashing through. I believe this day Lester Clarke (the former owner of our house, who passed away there) was watching over us protecting us from this disaster.

I would never want to relive this disaster. The agony, the breakdowns that we went through, the next seven months being displaced and still having to lead normal lives; I don't even know how I did it.

You would think now that we are back in our house, that our lives would be back to normal but the struggle we are dealing with financially is something I never expected, and is a whole other dilemma, especially with a new baby coming. We are healthy and happy but are desperately hoping the money from Cuomo will come through. Otherwise I'm not sure how we are going to get through the next year.